Heart of the Valley.

My personal take on the current situation African Americans, specifically black men, are in is a dire and dangerous one that needs to be addressed with a solution quickly if we want to preserve our presence as black men and African Americans overall. As an avid music enthusiast, especially Hip Hop, I’m keen to all varieties and flavors of music, from country to rap, even go-go. The problem isn’t the genre as a whole, its little aspects of Hip Hop that are jeopardizing black men. To name the important ones: lyrics, certain artist, and apparel are the major fault starters for this downward spiral we as black men are on. First and foremost, lyrics, lyrics, lyrics. We soak it, and then actually apply them to our lives (or at least try to in some aspects). I see it all the time, [insert various artist here] will say “I get money slanging’ this and cooking’ that”, and “I got H’s and B’s everywhere I go”. I see my fellow brothers recite lyrics like this all the time and think it’s the cool thing to say, and in some cases try and do (which is not the best to try in most cases). But what if the lyrics had flipped, and said something to the effect of becoming more feministic in with their lyrics and getting rid of being a strong black man. Now I’m not saying getting in touch with your sensitive side is wrong but when rappers such as Lil B or Young Thug throw in subtle but edgy lyricism as far as being a lot more feministic than normal, then there’s a problem, especially since they have a huge fan base that will affect all listeners the moment they tune in to listen. Second, certain artist in general naturally have a larger fan base than other artist, ex: Diddy, Young Thug, Lil B, and Lil Wayne. So when these artists alongside my third point, apparel come into play, this just spells out a recipe for disaster. With a fan base as big as theirs, one that can sell out Madison or break the internet with over sensationalized lyrics morphed into a hit, they can grab the attention of a good portion of just about anybody from anywhere, especially in this eccentric media age. The main key to formulate everything into the final plan is what are they wearing. That’s what we pay attention to. Hell, I’d be hypocritical if I said I didn’t. That’s one of the second things I look at next to lyrics. So when a star such as puffy throws a kilt on, or Cee Lo Green and Lil B throw a full blown black grandma going to church (earrings included), then there’s a problem. You have the fans who to be like you acting the way you do and that’s what’s detrimental to de masculine the black man.

This site is for the sole purpose of instruction and education for MCM 211 Intro to MC & Society from the dept. of MCJR @ NSU.     (https://www.nsu.edu/)


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