Take that Kilt off before you get killed (The problem with dressing lavish).

What you wearing J’s or Adidas? What kind of shirt is that? Is that fake or real? How come I never seen that before? Sounds like a typical conversation I’d hear from time to time between various pods of black students on campus, and sometimes my friends. We as African Americans, but black men in particular, are obsessed with the latest and greatest threads. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, after all we came from greatness and our ancestors were pharaohs, kings and queens. So it makes since we’d be obsessed with the lavish things, but the way we do it today is an unhealthy habit that can make or break us alone. Plain and simple, we are obsessed with fashion, what are you wearing? So when we see our favorite artist (who would just so happen to have billions of other fans) wearing something we want and can afford or acquire it, then the story is already set in motion. Even if that means going as far wearing a crop top because we saw Kid Cudi wear one at Coachella or Lil Wayne wear jeggings (yes, actual jeggings) at the VMA’s, some people (black men included) are just so inclined to look exactly like their idol and can’t refuse the chance to even if it means dressing like a female in the process. This is how they hook the black man, if a big star like that is doing it then why can’t I? Boom, he’s hooked and thus staring a cycle of de masculizing the black male.

This site is for the sole purpose of instruction and education for MCM 211 Intro to MC & Society from the dept. of MCJR @ NSU.     (https://www.nsu.edu/)


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