The Target of our own Creation.

How did we get in this predicament? I ask myself this question all the time. We’re the target of our own creation and they used our own people against us. But how were they successful? The answer is simple; we listen to Hip Hop so much we barely notice when a rift has been made in it. Trust me, there’s been a rift in Hip Hop and it’s not that hard to notice. Music is a universal language everyone can relate too, even if there’s nothing else we have in common. Hip Hop is one the most common and widely listened to genres of music, and mostly listened to by our people, black people. It wasn’t that hard in succeeding to cause the rift of masculine black men to a more feminine appeal. The question is why. If you can take away the black man, one of the strongest survivors on the planet, with their own creation then you can take down the rest of the black race.
This site is for the sole purpose of instruction and education for MCM 211 Intro to MC & Society from the dept. of MCJR @ NSU.     (


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