Who do you think you are?

A deeper delve into lyrics and how they affect black male masculinity. It’s not that hard to see how lyrics affect anyone, but black males especially are a different one. For everyone else (races other black), unless you’ve truly lived the life, the lyrics various artist say on tracks are one of either two things: something they have truly gone through or it’s something they wish or want to have went through to prove some sort of credibility. With this credibility earned, this builds up their reputation thus furthering them on whichever road they choose to be on. Some people can differentiate who is truthful and who’s just trying to make a quick buck. Little do they know however, they’re also people who truly interpret this as true and try to define their life by lyrics they heard in a song, not realizing they could never live that type of lifestyle. Some of these people, sad to say, are my fellow black brothers. We misinterpret the lyrics to propel ourselves to be something were not, and truth be told we don’t have to be. It’d be better if didn’t try so hard to be something most rappers portray themselves to be (not to put anything against any rapper), and a real rapper will tell don’t be like them. We try to over masculinize ourselves to be something greater or in a few rare cases (Lil B & Young Thug) de masculine ourselves to be something were not. You’re just as good the man you are as is the next black man; you don’t owe it to anybody to show off how masculine you are or should be. So we as black shouldn’t try to apply the lyrics we hear to show how much of a man we are or should be, history as shown that for us already.

This site is for the sole purpose of instruction and education for MCM 211 Intro to MC & Society from the dept. of MCJR @ NSU.     (https://www.nsu.edu/)


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